3088 Dualphone

the. The unimpressive organization of the website and the awful, awful support forums add to the frustration. Rtx could probably make dramatic sales increases and gain many more loyal customers if they could just improve their website. That said, the dualphone 3088 survives on its own good merits.
The dualphone doesnt require a pc to operate, instead just using a router
The image of having a conversation over the internet wearing a microphone headset plugged into a computer leaves an unsatisfying feeling about internet phone calls.
Dualphone 3088 is the latest skype phone from rtx. The rtx dualphone 3088 cordless phone are as said no pc required, wireless freedom up to 300 metersat best . It is easy to install, easy to use without making it too inflexible. The call quality is good and there is a seamless link between skype numbers and traditional landline phone calls, and the costs for both are kept to an absolute minimum. The rtx dualphone 3088 is working ok, but had to make sure micro filter was used for landline connection. However, i cant add contacts for landline or skype. It says invalid skype name or skype out number. Also, when receiving a landline call i cant see the number or who is calling. I have this service from my operator and it works on normal phones. My rtx dualphone 3088 is different from previous models, in that it is as standalone unit so you can send and receive skype calls without having to plug it into the. Of a computer to get signals from skype something that the older dualphone model requires. This is because the new dualphone 3088 has been quoted by many as a good entry level phone to the skype industry, but it is much more than that.
Dualphone 3088 is a standalone cordless phone for skype and ordinary calls30 entries contact listtelephone book 200 entriesrange indoor up to 50 meters. Outdoor up to 300 meters and we found these figures very close to the mark. Setup is as simple as connecting all the appropriate cords and plugging both the base station and the charging cradle into ac power. Users can configure the dualphone with an existing skype account, or can even create a new skype account on the phone itself. This process is as easy as typing in a username and password, accepting the skype agreement and signing into your account. The

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